The Gentleman Coach

This is the teaser trailer for"The Gentleman Coach", a film project telling the story of Neil Buckley, one of America’s most successful high school wrestling coaches.

During Neil Buckley’s 48 years of coaching he routinely broke records. However, there was something more special and long lasting that he created at The Haverford School that led to so many victories on and off the wrestling mat. This film is an attempt to capture the...


Watermelon Magic

International audiences delight in this nearly wordless burst of color and music that draws inspiration from film classic "The Red Balloon", and children and families are enchanted by the story of young Sylvie in her magical garden. Weaving together documentary and narrative elements, "Watermelon Magic" chronicles a season on the family farm, as Sylvie grows a patch of watermelons to sell at market. Constructed entirely from over 200,000...

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Fridays at the Farm

Feeling disconnected from their food, a filmmaker and his family decide to join a local community supported organic farm. As he photographs the growing process, the filmmaker moves from passive observer to active participant in the planting and harvesting of vegetables. Compiled entirely from nearly 20,000 still images, this personal essay is a father’s meditation on his blossoming family and community.

Fridays at the Farm has...

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Invisible Mountains

A young artist (Shane Callahan) struggles to hold true to his principles against the temptations of commercialism in this evocative and cerebral story. Paul, an art school dropout turned dishwasher, is commissioned by an art broker for his work, but the artist's fears slow his progress. The film weaves a linear story of artistic freedom with spectacular animated sequences that propel the story toward an unlikely outcome.


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A Portrait of Garfield Weston

This film aims to capture the emotional truth behind the legendary Canadian business titan. Featuring Coyopa’s unique take on the biography, this film is anchored by Mr. Weston’s own powerful stories of his life and philosophies. Mr. Weston’s musings serve as the spine of the narrative, and are enhanced with archival photos and footage, re-imagined animated sequences, and abstract imagery. These sequences are grounded by interviews...


Prayer for Philadelphia

Created for the Great Expectations 2007 Hopes and Fears Film Competition, Prayer for Philadelphia is a 3 minute film that exorcises the city’s demons by calling out residents to fulfill William Penn’s bold dream to create a City of Brotherly Love. Constructed entirely from still photos (about 5,000), this film was selected as the Grand Prize winner out of over two dozen entries from the Philadelphia area.

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My Father's Photos

Charles Burnett, Jr. struggled with Parkinson's disease for over 40 years, one of the longest cases on record. Confined to a wheelchair and with no speech communication, he was kept in good health far beyond doctors‘ expectations by the dedicated nursing care of his wife, Miriam. Charles‘ son provides a poignant narration that recalls his father’s struggle with Parkinson’s, and how the extraordinary bond his parents shared managed to...